ITB KPJB-NR-2019-0347 R01 (Environmental Monitoring 2020: Including RKL/RPL Document &Effluent Permit)

Dear Sir

We would like to invite you to participate in the open bidding  for Environmental Monitoring 2020 (Including RKL/RPL Document &Effluent Permit) R01

Please be noticed of the required administration documents as follows:
  • Qualification of The Bidder (on page 5-6)

Please submit the Bid Document ( Priced and Unpriced Quotation) two separated sealed envelope, one (1) for priced quotation and one (1) for unpriced Quotation (including Bid Bond or Surety Bond as specified on the page 5) and send the document via courier service or directly submission to Procurement Team PT KPJB PLTU, Tanjung  Jati B Unit 3&4 NOT LATER THAN at 13.00 WIB December 30, 2019For the PRICE QUOTATION/ BID PRICE & UNPRICED QUOTATION/ TECHNICAL  SPECIFICATIONS please follow the format specified on the page 42-43. 


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